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Lloyd's Modifications to
 PuTTY Release 0.60
Snapshot 8666 - Dated : 2009-10-02

Change Summary:
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This Page Last Modified On : 08/08/2012 15:35:27

Added the following NEW Features:
  Auto Login using SAVED Password - Save a password with every saved session  
  Auto-Save Password - Save password automatically with NEW logins  
  Window Coordinates - Display Window's 'Top & Left' Coordinates  
  Save Window Position & Icon - Save the startup position for every saved session  
  Taller Config Dialog - Displays more 'Saved Sessions' and SSH always expanded  
  NEW Log File Header - Contains info like, host name, font, speed, etc.  
  HELP Button - You can now display PuTTY's help file from the config dialog  
  Lputty Installer - Added Windows standard setup.exe type installer download  

About Dialog
Lputty - About Dialog

Save Login PW
Lputty - Connection/Data - SAVE Login Password
  Save Login Passwords  
      SAVE Login Password for each session / host.  
      Once the login password is saved - PW will be used for all subsequent logins  
  Password Encryption  
      ALWAYS encrypted before saving  
      UNIQUE for each user and each host.  
  Password SAVE Modes  
      NO Saving - This is the standard PuTTY way - No saving of passwords at all  
      Prompt       - After SUCCESSFUL login you are prompted to save PW  
      Auto-Save  - On SUCCESSFUL login the password is automatically saved  

Window Postion PopUp
Show Window Position
Added the Window’s ‘Left & Top’ coordinates to the window size pop-up for use with the ‘Remember Window Position’ patch.

Remember Window Position
Lputty - Window/Position & Icon - Save Window's Open Position
I installed Brad’s ‘Remember Window Positions and Icon’ patch from 2006. Brad’s patch was for release 0.58 and so I had to do a few minor changes for the current PuTTY 0.60 Release’s Snapshot that came out on 2009-08-30.
In Brad’s patch you have to guess at the ’Top & Left’ coordinates. I added code to display the current Window’s ‘Top & Left’ coordinates so that you can position the window where you want and then use these displayed coordinates to fill in Brad's 'Top & Left' fields.

Show More Saved Sessions
Lputty - Taller Config Dialog
Made Dialog a little taller so that I could have the ’Connection/SSH’ branch of the tree ALWAYS Expanded and to display more 'Saved Sessions'.

LogFile Header
The Lputty Log File Header now has lots of info about the current login session.
Lputty Help - how To Enable
Lputty's Help file - Lputty.chm- MAY have to be enabled after downloading
You can't view .chm files opened over a network.  You also can't download .chm files from a web browser and simply click Open. Download the .chm file to your computer first, right-mouse click it in Windows Explorer and select Properties. Then click Unblock.
Lputty Windows Help File Example
Lputty Windows Help File - Download The Help File - Lputty.chm

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